seminar about MSK Ultrasound

Presented the fourth level students of diagnostic radiology seminar muscular Skeletal ultrasound , which is one of the modern and sophisticated in the medical field , the seminar has been evaluated by a committee concerned department and has won the admiration Committee present. The students are : Abeer Mohammed Sarah Thamer Zainab abu algasem eman Habib ehsan Mohammad


ultrasoud clinic opening.


Devoloping and renewing of the classes


opening of anatomy exhibition in radiology week


zoal fahim exhibition in week of radiology science


opening of radiotherapy exhibition in radiology week


opening of diagnostic exhibition in radiology week


sudanese heritage fair opening week of radiology science


Week of radiology science


seminar in ultrasonication

seminar of 4th level about the application of ultrasound in cleaning .

start of final practical exam.

free diagnostic clinic

seminar in eye ultrasound

seminar in eye ultrasound by learners of patch 12 MSC of medical diagnostic ultrasound.

The beginning of the practical distribution of students in the first-level Anatomy Lab

students are first-level distribution in Anatomy Lab, is the study of all parts of the body anatomically, students, and then be able to see all parts of the body and an accurate description.

The beginning of the practical training

Thanks to Allah, today the beginning of the practical training for students of medical diagnostic ultrasound program to batch 12 within the Department of ultrasonic waves in the Faculty of Medical radiological Sciences .


seminar in brain ultrasound

brain ultrasound in neonatal

seminar in ultrasound

carotid artery assessment by ultrasound

The second assessment for students in hospitals


Participation in the Scientific Musium of Sudanese Students

presentation of Scientific Data

Reception party to welcome new students for the year 2013-2014

good reception party

Preparing For a visit to Anatomy Musium for first year students

gaining knowledge for anatomy

several visits to Khartoum State Hospitals

visiting to ensure smooth practical procedures

D velopment of BSC programme of x-ray equipment technology

development of programme

Development of MSC Programme of Diagnostic Radiology

development is excellent

Development of MSC Programme of Medical Ultrasound

Developing as the international level

MSc programmes out Side Sudan inUAE

MSC in US and Diagnostic Radiology

Discussion of 10graduation researches for Radiotherapystudents

revision of results and discussions

Discussion of 15 graduation researches for diagnostic students

check methods and results

Seminar about New method of archiving PACS

Presentation about PACS

Seminar about New method for diagnosing the breast cancers byMRI

Showing new technique in diagnosis and imaging of cancers

Valiable Lecture in Musculuskeletal Ultrasound By Pakistani Visitor

descriptive lectures about muskuluskeletal diseases

Seminar about New Horizon In Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging Method


Oral Exam for 4th year

The final oral examination will start on Monday 16/07/2012 with participation of all college staff and external exanimer